Independent Living

Ageless Living

At Senior Living, our mission is to promote ageless living for seniors. What exactly is ageless living? It’s celebrating the years that have passed, and acknowledging the changes that accompany getting older while embracing the years to come. The five apartments that make up our Independent Living Community allow residents to maintain their privacy, while eliminating the isolation that is too often a feature of aging.

An Interdependent Living Community

The Independent Living Community on our campus is designed for seniors who are able to function on their own, while also providing them with a communal living atmosphere. The complex of five apartments reflects Suzette’s philosophy of growing ageless. The five apartments are arranged to preserve privacy and independence for their residents, while providing a moderate level of support based on a social model. Residents receive services such as housekeeping, laundry, and transportation for food shopping and appointments.

“Our mission is to promote ageless living for seniors.”

Our Amenities

All five apartments within the Independent Living Community feature fully equipped kitchens, cable TV, and access to indoor and outdoor community spaces. Residents who wish or need food service may select from a menu of options, including home delivery. Located on the campus, The Green House Bistro and Bakery has a full professional culinary staff, including a chef and baker available to customize meal service.

Residents and their families also have access to secure walking paths, gardens located throughout the campus, and access to events and special programs at The Center for Ageless Living. The Garden Gate Day Spa offers yoga classes, water classes, and strengthening programs to help residents look and feel great. The salon, spa, and bistro are also open to the public, allowing residents and their families to interact with the community.

Growing Ageless

Residents in the Independent Living Community maintain their autonomy, while enjoying wellness activities and amenities to which they might not otherwise have access. They also have the opportunity to form bonds with other seniors, and maintain ties with their families and friends. It’s all in keeping with our philosophy of growing ageless.